Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

We are so happy to announce that, in Rishikesh you will enjoy highest bungee jumping setup in India, which is around 85 meters, it’s completely different from any other bungee setup, even you can get video of your bungee trip with us by paying few rupees and enjoy bungee, flying fox, and more adventure activities with us (River Rangers), you should know that when you come to be here for jumping, It takes only 20 minutes to complete and rubber thread used to jump. The complete setup is designed and running by David Allardice from New Zealand, he came to India to operate and run only Bungee, service is closed on Tuesday.

Here are some of the necessity to jump

  • Minimum Age Requirement: 12 Year
  • Minimum and Maximum per person weight limit: 35Kg and 112Kg
  • Timing From: 8:20 am
  • Timing To: 6:30 pm

Entry Ticket – Rs. 100/- per person and Rs.200/- Bungee coach per person.

BUNGY Rs.3500/- per person USD 55 per person
SWING Rs. 3000/- per person USD 55 per person
FLYING FOX Rs. 1700/- per person ( 3 in tandem)
Insistence on doing Flying Fox alone would cost Rs. 2500/- per person or USD 55 per person
USD 35 per person
ANY REPEAT JUMP Rs. 1250/- per person USD 25 per person


Combo  no-1 (Bungy+Swing) Rs.6000/- per person USD 99 per person
Combo no-2 (Bungy+Flying Fox) Rs. 4500/- per person USD 86 per person
Combo no-3 (Swing+Flying Fox) Rs. 1500/- per person ( 3 in tandem)
Insistence on doing Flying Fox alone would cost Rs. 2500/- per person or USD 55 per person
USD 35 per person
Thrilogy Combo (Bungy+Swing+Flying Fox) Rs. 7000/- per person USD 110 per person


Here we offer 3 activities, bungee jumping, flying fox and swing, all activities are wonderful, with starting price of 3500 Indian rupees and maximum price of packages is INR-7000, few popular package combination are bungee+swing, bungee+flying fox, flying fox+swing, any one package you can choose from these above given.

Above Given Activities Safety Guide and Tips

This is a very terrible experience, where the person feels that now am just going to die, but the fun is equally interesting. We have ensured safety of our clients by hiring service of highly experienced and qualified adventure sports expert guide with more than 10 years of experience. You will be surprised to hear this, the preparation of the platform all team members came from New Zealand while designing of complete setup of bungee jumping and flying fox, the team keeps in mind the safety of clients.

We follow International standards

Whenever someone comes to bungee jumping or any similar activities, so we have to keep in mind all the international standards so that clients do not feel any kind of paucity, we followed all those standards, which are very important in this.

Price includes

  • All above-given package
  • Safety Kit
  • Services of the guide of the program

Price do not include

  • Video recording
  • Tip for your tour guide
  • Food and Other activities
  • Uttarakhand Government E. Tax

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment


Attraction in Rishikesh Rishikesh which means “saints hair” is situated on the bank of Ganga in the foothills of the Himalayas. This is also known as the gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas. It is situated at the altitude of 409 meters above sea level.  It is a world known destination for yoga and meditation, every Read more

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