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Our company offers best rafting and camping service in Rishikesh, our working style is a little different from the others, here you will find the client-centric culture which is best for global clients, it’s very important, and whether you are in rafting, camping or any other business, customer first is our motto. We take care to meet the needs of the customer.

Our company offer several packages where the fun came, offer absolutely different camping, rafting, beach camping, luxury camping experience, with clean water and high quality services, So, you enjoy it very much without any trouble, our objective is usually that our client always from here only returned home in a happy way, be it from here whichever adventure, camping, river rafting, white water rafting, luxury camping, Ganga beach camping they have done. Even you can celebrate your honeymoons, birthday parties, 31 night, marriage anniversary, holiday and any other life event in a good manner with our dedicated team and we are waiting for you impatiently.

River Rafting in Rishikesh ®

Ganga is one of the world’s sacred rivers, it is like a mother of all Indians, all of us in Rishikesh due to the Ganges Enjoy rafting. We provide multiple packages for river rafting which is based on distance and facilities, these packages prepared by our tour and package experts to keep saving your money while you choose your best rafting, camping, and any other package, you will be very happy with this, all our experts have the experience of more than 14 years, so, clients are fully protected from any accident.

About Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a very beautiful city and surrounded by hills from two sides, Ganga River flows between the two hills, it is very pleasant to think of seeing. Every day thousands of devotees bathe in the Ganges to come from far away, of which, the greatest symbol of our Hindu civilization, this tradition has been continuing for several hundred years, here you see so many temples, ashrams, mooring, and meet people from around the world. Rishikesh is not only famous for river rafting, it is also known by the name of the world’s Yoga capital. People from around the world who are here to learn yoga, they’re here, in the free time to enjoy river rafting and camping are also plentiful. No words to Say in the interpretation of Rishikesh, this is much better than we think, here on the banks of Ganga everyday ritual is performed by a local business owners and reverent, the Ganges River, is a source of livelihood of millions of people around Rishikesh and whole India, Steve Jobs to do penance here came in the 1 9 75, because Rishikesh is very famous for peace. Here you’ll find thousands of Professional Rafting Guide, millions of people to gain experience of rafting, Rafting in the past 15 years, our company ranks first in the Rishikesh.  In the year 1982s some of the local rafting guides and local business seekers decided to offer Rafting, camping accommodation and multiple adventure activities with added facilities to make the global and local client stay more convenient and comfortable. A few thrill seekers from local cities like Haridwar, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Tehri discovered these beach camps and the rest is history.

How to reach Rishikesh

There are so many ways to come to Rishikesh by road, it depends on, that, is where you are coming from, if you are coming from a distance of over 500 kilometers, then you should come by Air or train, if the distance is less than 500 kilometers, you can also use your personal vehicle and the bus service.

  • By Air – If you come by flight, the flight will land at the Jolly Grant airport, which is around 20 km to 23 Km from Rishikesh.
  • By Personal Vehicle – Its totally depends on, that, is where you are coming from, Delhi, Haridwar, Uttar Pradesh, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Srinagar, Gurgaon, Noida or any other place, you can easily search on Google maps your place to Rishikesh road, maps will share you the information about shortest path to reach.
  • By Train
  • By any other transport service

River Rangers Rishikesh - Famous for River Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh

The Most important safety points and Tips to keep in Mind before go for River Rafting

  • Important document keeps it in a safe place before came here.
  • Wear some sports type cloth’s because here they will get wet while rafting
  • Not brought anything of this type in the water, which may be impaired
  • If you do need to carry first aid boxes, so definitely brought
  • If you bring the camera, will take care of water, because the water may damage battery and the chip as well
  • Must use to life jacket and hamlet, it gives a full protection to save your life on river water
  • Do not jump anywhere into the river without guide permission while rafting
  • Few rafting gears provided by us, gear such as helmet, life jacket, rafting crew paddle

River Rafting and Camping Season in Rishikesh

In our country, most people prefer to do rafting in the summer. Rafting and camping season starts in Rishikesh approx. 1 September and visiting end in 30 June, this process has been going on for years, and peak time is from March to June, people come here from the nearest city, rather than far away to enjoying rafting and camping, mind get refresh and energetic, here on the rafting season is divided into two seasons September to December and February to June, the reason is that, the time between rain and bitterly cold starts.

Importance and Advantages of River Rafting

The first question arises everybody’s mind before coming rafting and camping in Rishikesh, why River Rafting is Important and what its advantages, this means that, before anything, any work must be a reason, but there is no work, it is an adventure, so now we will present the simple reason. Imagine, you have an urge to do some adventure, and where there is no pollution and traffic, green mountains both side, only sound of the waves of the river with waves hit somewhere on the stone, this is a very wonderful view. And yet, you have to go looking for another reason to come here, so is he, amazing river rafting fun too, with your Family members and friends, so you will be able to find no peace anywhere, as you would get during a rafting and camping in Rishikesh, so also, a very wonderful reason to come here. Now, now think about its advantages.

  • By doing this, there is much more positive feeling
  • This is a very good tool for family entertainment
  • In this adventure, you have the opportunity to swim in the Ganga River
  • Many diseases go away induced by Ganga water bath
  • At least this way you have the opportunity to do adventures & fun with your friends and professional group
  • During rafting and camping, we get a pure air of the forest and river.
  • When we do rafting, it help us to do excellent cardio workout
  • Especially this is complemented in reducing stress
  • It is a totally different experience, the fun to tell anyone, you have even more fun
  • To continue to enjoy camping and campfire is very amazing
  • After this adventure, your mind seems to work very well
  • By doing it fear goes away and becomes used to working with the team.

Detail of rapids during River Rafting in Rishikesh

During rafting the rapids come, we are going to tell you the details of those rapids, first, you should know that of the 32 kilometers rafting in Rishikesh is the longest Distance, which starts from Kaudiyala and went out on the Nim beach Rishikesh, the first stop of the Rapid comes only 100 meters away from Kaudiyala (just begin of rafting)

Some of the popular Rapids you go through when you do rafting

  • Return to Sender: It simply says go back from where you started. So if you go wrong ready to go back. Here right is wrong so go left.
  • Daniel’s Dip: Be careful, Daniel was the first one who took a holy dip in this rapid, you never know you can be next.
  • Cross-Fire: Seems as if water from the whole river is attacking the rock so it has narrow lines and lots of boils. Don’t try to swim.
  • The Great Wall: The Biggest rapid on the Ganga River.
  • Shivpuri Rapid:
  • Roller coaster: Name is enough. Go have a big ride of the waves.
  • Double Trouble: This rapid has everything to scare you sometimes. It has boils, whirlpools, and good drops.
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Body Surfing: Come let’s swim together and feel the waves.
  • Club House: After hitting another big rapid in the river time to celebrate, so let’s enter the Club House.
  • Hill turn: River is turning with the hill and enters the plains after that.
  • Terminator Rapid
  • Camel’s Back: On the river right You can easily see a rock featuring camels hunk. Let’s have a camels ride.
  • Golf Course: you feel like a golf ball in the holes of the river in this rapid.
  • Three Blind Mice: Longest rapid in the river, once you enter run like a blind mice.
  • Initiation: It is the first rapid for the kids, so let’s initiate.

When passing these rapids, the rafting guide will give you some tips how to sit and what to do in your boats, important. Do not forget to follow the tips because it is more important. Perhaps you are aware that you have the first rapid return to sender comes, it’s wonderful option for you and children, even for river rafting expedition Brahmpuri to Rishikesh is the cool and very beautiful place.

River Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh with River Rangers Rishikesh

River Rafting Costing and Distance

All the pricing for rafting and camping depends on facilities, distance and type, we feel that pricing always depends on how far you will to rafting, as a general rule rafting price starts form 440 to 1900 or more per person to some extent depends on the groups. Some scheduled venue and distance of rafting, which follows, the longest one kaudiyala to Lakshman Jhula Rishikesh, it’s around 32 km or more and it takes more than 8 hours to complete, second largest is from marine drive to Lakshman Jhula, approximate distance is 25 kilometer and it takes 5 hours to complete. Two still remain, Brahmpuri to Rishikesh and Shivpuri to Rishikesh. The shortest one is Brahmpuri to Rishikesh which is 9 km long and takes around 1 to 2 hours to complete, next is Shivpuri to Rishikesh, It is the best-selling package that is the first choice of most customers, its distance almost 16 kilometer and takes to complete around 3 to 4.5 hours.

Adventure Activities in Rishikesh

In addition to rafting and camping in Rishikesh is much more adventure activities, such as camping, shivpuri beach camp, brahmpuri beach camp, bungee jumping, flying fox, rock climbing, paintball, body surfing, corporate tour, business tour, family adventure, school adventure, luxury jungle camp, and many more adventure sports activities, here, some camping and rafting Mix package have been made, which is thus produced, rafting one day tour package, 1 night 2 days, 2 night 3 days, 3 night 4 days and so on, package details listed above, their features and price are also somewhat different.

River Rafting in Rishikesh with River Rangers

Our ultimate aim is to provide activities and amenities to our global clients those who expressing the desire to have it. We give clients a service, they ever think about the rafting and camping, river ranger in the first place for the same, we and our team has created his own image, thus, that no company cannot beat our service in the Rishikesh, versed in his work, the workers we have hired to work for clients. We also feel pride in themselves, telling you about it, we ask that all our clients, you of course to suggest us for our shortcomings, so that we can provide to you better comfort and efficient service, always looking for how to give better comfort, be you happy and relaxed. There is another important thing to tell you, whatever adventure activities that we make here, for all that (adventure activities and all) we have to have a license by the Uttarakhand state government (or registered under Uttrakhand tourism department). You can enjoy our camping and all other activates in an excellent ways because our whole activities are in the river or riverside, it has its own fun, so enjoy something different interesting thing. We have lots more to say, but we want, in short, be sure to tell more, if you want to know more about our facilities and service, you can see online review and ask those clients who enjoyed the rafting, camping and enjoyed many adventures.

About River Rangers      

Riverraftinginrishikesh.in (River Rangers) is a Rishikesh famous outdoor adventure activity provider company. The company is operated by our best guides, in which, many of our Adventure Guides having too much experience, too, the company is run by the River Rangers, every time our expert guides is willing to provide the best service to our clients, so that they will get great pleasure and comfort. We also deliver information and service to adventure sports lovers, such as beach camping, paint ball, luxury camping, river rafting, volleyball, rock climbing, body surfing, cliff jumping, flying fox and trekking activities